Sunday, October 25, 2009


Each month we read a reviewer a series of Wire reviews which they are asked to identify and comment on - with no previous knowledge of what they are about to hear. This month
Karl Schredderkampf
Tested by Ian Cinder.

Reading "The Next Drive By" reviewed by Brian Morton
I: 'on some awful radio program last year I was asked what my favorite make out...'
K: Is that sounds like Bria...well it could be Clive it Brian? I think it's Brian Morton.
I: Yes! You worked with Brian briefly in the late eighties.
K: Yes, well it was a very long time ago. I remember that very well and I really looked up to him. He was an amazing writer at the time.
I: Right, and he was doing the kind of sheets of words style and that really influenced you.
K: It influenced my whole generation. It was a huge thing back then and we, everybody wanted to write like that, and he had a particular style and thats also why its so easy to recognize still. You hear it even in the first two words and I tried to emulate that style, but its much more complicated than you really think, and its kind of a humbling experience, just the fact that there are writers out there like Brian is a humbling fact.
I: But the fact that you worked with him, did that maybe give you a view into the eye of the storm and you realized that maybe sheets of words is not your style and maybe because…I'm saying too much but... Did it make you maybe have the feeling that this was not the right path for you?
K: I'm sorry. I thought that this was going to be like, The Invisible Review Box, where you read me wire reviews and ask me stuff, but ok, if you want to lecture me about what did you call it? Texts on sheets? Ok, well that's cool. Yeah, no I think your right.
I: ok lets move on

Reading Richie Hawtin CD and DVD reviewed by Phillip Sherburne
I: "Techno they say is club why do I find myself enjoying (artist name) new mix cd which is far clubier."
K: 'clubier', that is very Sherburne-esque
I: You're absolutely right! It's Phillip Sherburne.
K: Well Phillip and I… I am not going to say I'm a fan of his, but I know of him and I think that some of us are stylists, some of us are innovators and Phillip is a writer, and that differentiates him from the rest.
I: I do know however that a lot of people who are fans of your writing would say that there are obvious similarities.
K: Well, by the fact that we both use words in our reviews its true, we are similar, but the way that we use them is totally different. Well actually it's funny because I also reviewed Richie Hawtin. I did a similar review, but I did the dvd.
I: This is both the cd and the dvd.
K: I know. I would never do that. That's just kind of floral to me.
I: But you've both worked for the same editors haven't you? In the mid nineties?
K: Mmmh yes. And I can tell you right here that they like me better.
I: Ok.
K: No! Let's not end it there. I know for a fact that I get paid more.
I: But he's a very highly regarded writer.
K: Yeah, that's great for him, but I still get paid more.
I: Even now?
K: Even now!
I: Are you sure because I heard…
K: What did you hear?
I: I'm going to read to you from another review...(continued)

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