Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Timbre Guitar Series or "If its not sex its academic" by David Keenan reviewed using his own words from Wire #316

Remixed by Ben Stekler

If its not sex, its rudeness.

Improvised music subverts instrumental performance in favor of a weird ghost voice. It also subverts non-gendered rocks, an attempted favor.

Gotten to the point where a disemboweled bacon roll is deemed more gone?

A particularly prissy form of bawdy phallic character, the guitarist is like snow on an ECM mountain, fidgety.
There's rarely room for utopian art music because a good shag and timid echoes are better.
The feminizing effect of saturation is better translated.
But isn't the best sex hailed as extended technique?
Why abandon sex together?
Dissent as decadent as improvisation.

Why abandon sex altogether?

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